Transportation of goods

Transportation of Goods


The process of moving any equipment from one point to another is defined as transportation. It includes safe, efficient, reliable, and sustainable movement of goods over time.

Transportation Role in Logistics

Transportation takes a crucial part in the logistics operation.

  1. The quick, responsive, and on-time operation of transportation determines the efficiency of moving products.
  2. The progress in techniques and management principles improves the moving load, delivery speed, service quality, and operation costs.
  3. A healthy transportation system within a country is beneficial in combating bad circumstances by providing timely help in terms of charity work. It is also the corporate social responsibility of organizations to maintain a sustainable transportation system based on renewable energy sources to avoid pollution.

Importance of Transportation

No equipment deliverables are possible without transportation; hence transportation is a basic core of Logistic operation as well:

  1. Without well-developed transportation systems, logistics could not bring its advantages into full play.
  2. The On-time transport systems in logistics activities could provide better logistics efficiency, reduce operation costs, and promote service quality.
  3. A well-managed logistics system could increase both the competitiveness of the government and enterprises.

Principles of Transportation

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Types of Transportation

Rail Transport Advantages

  1. Convenient for travelling long distances.
  2. Relatively faster than road transport.
  3. Suitable for carrying heavy goods in large quantities over a long distance.
  4. Less affected by adverse weather conditions like rain, floods, fog, etc. 
  1. Relatively expensive for carrying goods and passengers over short distances.
  2. Not available in remote parts of the country.
  3. Provides service according to fixed time schedule and is not flexible for loading or unloading of goods at any place.

Road Transport Advantages

  1. Relatively cheaper mode of transport as compared to other modes.
  2. Goods can be transported at a faster speed by road carriers over a short distance.
  3. Flexible mode of transport as loading and unloading is possible at any destination. It can provide door-to-door service.
  1. Limited carrying capacity.
  2. Road transport is not economical for long-distance transportation of goods.
  3. Transportation of heavy goods in bulk by road involves high costs.

Water Transport Advantages

  1. Relatively economical mode of transport for bulky and heavy goods.
  2. Safe mode of transport with respect to the occurrence of accidents.
  3. It promotes international trade.


  1. The depth and navigability of rivers and canals vary and thus, affect the operations of different transport vessels.
  2. It is a slow-moving mode of transport.
  3. It is adversely affected by weather conditions.

Air Transport Advantages

  1. Fastest mode of transport.
  2. Very useful in transporting goods to the area which are not easily accessible by any other means.
  3. Most convenient mode of transport during natural calamities.


  1. Relatively most expensive mode of transport.
  2. Not suitable for transporting heavy and bulky goods.
  3. Affected by adverse weather conditions.
  4. Not suitable for short-distance travel.
  5. In case of accidents, it results in heavy losses of goods,

Problems Related to Transportation

  1. Financing
  2. Congestion of routes
  3. Infrastructure issues
  4. Safety of personnel & equipment
  5. Goods weight
  6. Height of equipment
  7. Local Regulations
  8. Country political conditions
  9. Weather conditions

Transport Costing

The following factors are considered during transportation costing:

  1. Minimum Weights
  2. Loading and unloading locations
  3. Packaging
  4. Damage in Transit
  5. Services charges
  6. Insurance Cost


  1. Transportation and Logistics systems have interdependent relationships in that logistics management needs transportation to perform its activities meanwhile, a successful logistics system could help to improve the traffic environment and transportation development.
  2. Since transportation contributes the highest cost among the related elements in logistics systems, the improvement of transport efficiency could change the overall performance of the logistics system.
  3. Transportation plays an important role in logistics system and its activities appear in various sections of the logistics processes.
  4. With0ut the linking of transportation, a powerful logistics strategy cannot bring its capacity into full play.

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